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Meyer-1966-Mondo Topless

Mondo Topless
1966 - 1hre
Generic MPEG-4 | 688x512 | Mp3 | 692,8 Mo

Mondo Topless
1966 - 1hre

Réalisation : Russ Meyer
Narration: John Furlong
Musique: The Aladdins


Babette Bardot

Darlene Gray

Diane Young

Pat Barrington
Sin Lenee as Lucious
Darla Paris
Donna X
Veronique Gabriel
Greta Thorwald
Denice Duval
Heide Richter
Gigi La Touche
Yvette Le Grand
Lorna Maitland

Pseudo documentaire;
The film presents a snapshot of '60s San Francisco before shifting its focus to strippers. The strippers' lives are earnestly portrayed as they reveal the day-to-day realities of sex work, talk bra sizes, relate their preferences in men, all voiced over while dancing topless to a 60s instrumental rock soundtrack. Throughout a large portion of the film, the narrator talks about the women as if they are a sub-genre of the counter culture movement, somewhat similar to the beatnik or hippie movements that were highly prevalent during the same era. The "Topless" movement as it is called by the narrator could also be perceived as an allegorical subset of the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s. (Wikipedia)

Generic MPEG-4 | 688x512 | Mp3 | 692,8 Mo 

Babette Bardot

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