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The Movies begin-A treasury of early cinema 1894-1913

The Movies begin
A treasury of early cinema 1894-1913

The Great Train Robbery & Other Primary Works

Homage To Eadweard Muybridge (1880s)

Edison Shorts (1894-1897)
The Kiss (1896)
Serpentine Dances (1895)
Sandow (Strong Man) (1894)
Glenroy Brothers (Comic Boxing) (1894)
Cock Fight (1896)
The Barber Shop (1894)
Feeding The Doves (1896)
Seminary Girls (1897)

Lumière Films (1895-96)
Swimming In The Sea
Children Digging For Clams
Loading A Boiler
Dragoons Crossing The Sâone
Promenade Of Ostriches
Childish Quarrel
Lion, London Zoological Garden
Transformation By Hats
Carmaux: Drawing Out The Coke
Arab Cortege, Geneva
New York: Brooklyn Bridge
New York: Broadway and Union Square
Policeman's Parade, Chicago

A Trip To The Moon (1902)

President McKinley At Home (1897)
Packtrain On Chilkoot Pass (1898)
Skyscrapers Of New York City (1903)
The Georgetown Loop (1903)
San Francisco: Aftermath Of Earthquake (1906)
The Dog And His Various Merits (1908)
Moscow Clad In Snow (1908)
Airplane Flight And Crash (1910)

Blue Movies
Fire In A Burlesque Theatre (1908)
Airy Fairy Lilian Tries On Her New Corsets (1908)
From Show Girl To Burlesque Queen (1908)
Troubles Of A Manager Of A Burlesque Show (1908)
The Great Train Robbery (1903)
The Whole Dam Family And The Dam Dog (1905)
The Golden Beetle (1907)

The European Pioneers (1895 - 1906)


Louis and Auguste Lumière
Leaving The Factory (1895)
The Baby's Meal (1895)
Demolition Of A Wall (1895)
The Sprinkler Sprinkled (1895)
Arrival Of Congress (1895)
Arrival Of A Train (1895)
Card Party (1895)
Leaving Jersusalem By Railway (1896)
Snowball Fight (1896)
A Fire Run (Lyons) (c.1896)
Niagara Falls (1897)
Spanish Bullfight (1900)

Birt Acres
Rough Sea At Dover (1895)

R. W. Paul
Come Along Do! (1898)
The Derby (1896)
The Countryman And The Cinematograph (1901)
A Chess Dispute (1903)
Extraordinary Cab Accident (1903)
Buy Your Own Cherries (1904)
The Motorist (1906)

George Albert Smith
The Miller And The Sweep (1898)
The Kiss In The Tunnel (1899)
Let Me Dream Again (1900)
Grandma's Reading Glass (1900)
As Seen Through A Telescope (1900)
Sick Kitten (1903)
Mary Jane's Mishap (1903)

Sheffield Photographic Co.
Daring Daylight Burglary (1903)

Haggar & Sons
Desperate Poaching Affray (1903)

Bamforth And Company, Ltd.
The Kiss In The Tunnel (1899)
Ladies Skirts Nailed To A Fence (c.1900)
The Bitter Bit (1900)
Rough Sea (c.1900)

Williamson's Kinematograph
Attack On A China Mission (1900)
The Big Swallow (1901?)
Stop Thief! (1901)
Fire! (1901)
An Interesting Story (1905)

Experimentation and Discovery (1898 - 1910)


Hepworth Mfg. Co.
How It Feels To Be Run Over (1900)
Explosion Of A Motor Car (1900)
Rescued By Rover (1905)
The Other Side Of The Hedge (1905)
That Fatal Sneeze (1907)

Cricks And Martin
A Visit To Peek Frean & Co. (1906)

Kineto Production Co.
A Day In The Life Of A Coalminer (1910)
Pathé Frères
Peeping Tom (1901)
History Of A Crime (1901)
Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves (1905)
Reve Et Réalité (1901)
La Révolution En Russe (1905)
Aladin, Or The Wonderful Lamp (1906)
Le Cheval Emballé (1907)
The Physician Of The Castle (1908)
Magic Bricks (1908)

Edison Manufactuing Co.
Dewar's - It's Scotch (1898)
The Gay Shoe Clerk (1903)
Dream Of A Rarebit Fiend (1906)

The Magic of Méliès (1904 - 1908)
2 CD

The Untamable Whiskers (1904)
The Cook In Trouble (1904)
Tchin-Chao, The Chinese Conjurer (1904)
The Wonderful Living Fan (1904)
The Mermaid (1904)
The Living Playing Cards (1905)
The Black Imp (1905)
The Enchanted Sedan Chair (1905)

The Scheming Gambler's Paradise (1905)
The Hilarious Posters (1906)
The Mysterious Retort (1906)
The Eclipse (1907)
Good Glue Sticks (1907)
Long Distance Wireless Photography (1908)
The Impossible Voyage (1904)
Georges Méliès: Cinema Magician (1978)

Comedy, Spectacle, and New Horizons (1893 - 1913)

The Policeman's Little Run (1907)
Troubles Of A Grass Widower (1908)
Nero, Or The Fall Of Rome (1909)
Onésime, Clock-maker (1912)

Windsor McCay And His Animated Pictures (1911)
Making An American Citizen (1912)
The Girl And Her Trust (1912)
The Bangville Police (1913)

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