mercredi 18 mars 2015

Il nous faudrait une bonne guerre

No Man Can Find The War

Photographs of guns and flame
Scarlet skull and distant game
Bayonet and jungle grin
Nightmares dreamed by bleeding men

Lookouts tremble on the shore
But no man can find the war
Tape recorders echo scream
Orders fly like bullet stream

Drums and cannons laugh aloud
Whistles come from ashen shroud
Leaders damn the world and roar
But no man can find the war

Is the war across the sea?
Is the war behind the sky?
Have you each and all gone blind
Is the war inside your mind?

Humans weep at human death
All the talkers lose their breath
Movies paint a chaos tale
Singers see and poets wail
All the world knows the score
But no man can find the war

Larry Beckett and Tim Buckley

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