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Fields-1932-Manhattan Love Song

Manhattan Love Song
1932 - 1hre 09 - VoStEngl (.srt) 
Mp4 | 400x304 | AAC | 190 Mo

Manhattan Love Song

Réalisation: Leonard Fields
Auteur de l'oeuvre originale: Cornell Woolrich (William Irish)
Scénaristes: David Silverstein et Leonard Fields


Robert Armstrong: Tom Williams
Dixie Lee: Geraldine Stewart
Nydia Westman: Annette
Franklin Pangborn: Garrett Wetherby
Cecil Cunningham: Pancake Annie Jones
Harold Waldridge: Phineas Jones
Helen Flint: Carol Stewart
Herman Bing: Gustave
George Irving: Kenbrook
Emmett Vogan: Doctor
Harrison Greene: Joe Thomas
Edward Dean: Sam
Nick Copeland: Al Kingston

A couple rich sisters Geraldine and Carol Stewart (Dixie Lee and Helen Flint) have just found out that their financial planner has stolen all their money. Unable to pay a couple (Nydia Westman and Robert Armstrong) of their servants their back wages, they agree to let the pair stay in their home rent-free to make up for this pay. But, it is a bit rough at first, as these two society swells expect their old servants to behave like servants--but considering they're no longer paying them, this doesn't last.

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Mp4 | 400x304 | AAC | 190 Mo

Dixie Lee

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