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Hively-1942-Street of Chance

Street of Chance
1942 - 1hre 17 - VoStEngl (.srt)
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Street of Chance
1942 - 1hre 17 - VoStEngl (.srt)

Louise Platt

 photo aff_gr_street_chance-3.jpgStreet of Chance

Réalisation: Jack Hively
Scénariste: Garrett Fort
Auteur de l'oeuvre originale: Cornell Woolrich (William Irish)


Burgess Meredith: Frank Thompson/Danny Nearing
Claire Trevor: Ruth Dillon
Louise Platt: Virginia Thompson
Sheldon Leonard: Detective Joe Marruci
Frieda Inescort: Alma Diedrich
Jerome Cowan: Bill Diedrich

Frank Thompson (Burgess Meredith), awakens in the middle of the street, after wreckage falling from a building in New York City hits him in the head. Frank soon discovers that his apartment has been rented out for a year and his wife Virginia has been living on her own elsewhere.
Frank confronts Virginia (Louise Platt), who is shocked to see the husband who disappeared without explanation a year earlier. As Frank slowly pieces together his old life, it turns out he is running from a murder he cannot remember committing, and only an old, paralyzed woman can clear him.

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Claire Trevor
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Louise Platt

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